About the Association


The tasks and goals of the Association:


The Hungarian Purebred Pig Breeders’ Association is the only association in Hungary that breeds - non-domestic - purebred pigs in Hungary.

The professional supervision of the Association - in accordance with Section 17 of Act II of 1989 - is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the legal supervision is administered by the public prosecutor’s office having jurisdiction where the official address of the Association is located.


The tasks and rights of the Association are primarily determined by the provisions of Act CXIV of 1993 on Livestock Breeding, and the recognition granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as follows:


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized the Association as a breeding society on 18 January 2000 under No. 54210.

This recognition covers the maintenance of the Hungarian Landrace, Duroc, Hampshire, Pietrain and Hungarian Large White breeds, the breeding programmes, the professional and regional activities and the herd-book regulations, and allows the Association to perform these activities.

The goal of the Association is to preserve the breeding of the Hungarian Landrace, the Duroc, the Hampshire, the Pietrain and the Hungarian Large White, the improvement of these breeds, the continuous improvement of their genetic performance, organizing the use of the breeds and the crossbreeds, improving their competitiveness and the protection of the breeds.

The Association participates in enforcing the internationally accepted norms of purebred breeding and tries to join the cooperation between the international associations.



The Association carries out the following to reach their goals:


- strengthening the professional reputation of purebred breeding, safeguarding the interests of the members,

- the fully qualified representation of purebred breeding in accordance with the Breeding programme,

- assists in observing the applicable legislation and professional guidelines, and expresses an opinion on legislation within its competence,

- the Association, as a breeding society recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ensures the maintenance of the breeds covered by the recognition, the compliance with the rules and regulations on keeping the herd-book, and the realization of the breeding programmes,

- dissemination and adaptation of scientific results connected to breeding,

- the successful and effective use of subsidies and tender opportunities,

- the representation of the interest of the members in matters connected to breeding,

- organizing exhibitions, shows and auctions,

- breed protection and breed publicity,

- professional training, further education and technical advice.

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